Walkable Kings Highway

Sidewalk Repair Grant Program

Under this program, owners of property located within the conservation district can apply for assistance in repairing their damaged sidewalks.

Our grant program works in cooperation with the City of Dallas Sidewalk Cost Sharing program. Here is a brief description of how the program works:

  1. If your sidewalk is damaged and you’d like to participate in Walkable Kings Highway please contact Jonathan Braddick at walkable(at)kingshwy(dot)org or call (214) 205-4205.
  2. We will help you get in line to have your sidewalk estimated by the City of Dallas Public Works Department. There is no cost associated with the preparation of your estimate and there is absolutely no obligation to have the work done. Once your estimate is received please forward a copy to us so we can calculate your eligible grant amount.
  3. Generally speaking, the City absorbs 50% of the repair cost for front sidewalks and 75% of the cost along the side if your lot is on a corner. Then Walkable Kings Highway will grant 75% of the remaining portion up to a max of $700. The homeowner absorbs the remainder.
    1. For example, let’s say $2,500 is needed for repair including new sod where necessary. The City agrees to cover all the necessary sod and $1,250 of the repair leaving the property owner with a balance of $1,250. Walkable Kings Highway will cover $937.50 of that balance leaving the property owner with an expense of only $312.50!
  4. The KH grant check is made payable to the City of Dallas. The property owner collects the KH check and delivers it to the City along with the property owner’s remaining balance. The job is then “bundled” with others by the City and done per the City’s timetable which varies. Currently, once the job is paid for, the wait time is approximately than 6-9 months and sometimes sooner.

Please note Walkable Kings Highway funds are subject to availability, the cost to repair drive approaches are 100% the property owner’s responsibility, no Walkable Kings Highway funds apply to tree removal and each project varies in scope and amount.